Pool Committee News – August 2019

If the summer blues have you down or if you’re tired of the hustle and bustle then it’s time to relax at the pool. You may have heard already but the pool season has been extended past Labor Day weekend and includes the following 2 weekends until September 15th as the end of the 2019 pool season. Extended hours of operation have been posted on the neighborhood website, emailed to the membership, and posted at the pool.

Several new items are installed at the pool facility. A new drinking fountain is available with cold filtered water that can also fill a container with an overhead dispenser. Across the entryway is a cold drink machine with 12 oz cans available for $1.00. The blistering sun has fried 2 wall clocks this summer, but the third clock has been fine without missing a beat. The pool has an ADA lift chair with a new battery and charger to provide better access to the pool. A battery powered leaf blower is now in use to keep the pool deck clear without needing to store gasoline in the pool shed. An abundance of shade is available from 5 new freestanding umbrellas anchored by heavy metal bases.

Now that Swim Team season is over we have moved lane lines next to the shed for storage. This opened up the entry quite a bit. Especially the outdoor shower area.  

Pool Parties are such great fun and there are still some dates and times available for booking. Please contact the Lifeguards or go to the Sweetwater website to reserve your party. 

Wholy Smoke food truck is scheduled to serve lunch on Labor Day. Seoul Republik will be at the pool on September 8th from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM. Stay tuned for the return of Sunset Slush and the The Groovy Dawg. We are trying to schedule them also.

The RW Pool Committee hopes that you have enjoyed the pool this season.