Grounds Committee – June 2019 Newsletter

The Grounds committee would like to draw your attention to a few timely items.


The common area is the property of the River Walk Recreation Association. Dumping anything in the common area is strictly prohibited. This includes grass clippings and yard trimmings, and this applies to homeowners as well as service providers. Please communicate to any yard maintenance crews doing work on your behalf, that they are not allowed to dump anything in the common area.

Heads up! 

There is a sinkhole forming on the path, where the path meets the road between 101 and 103 Parkside Drive. The hole is forming on the rear side of the storm drain. The county has been alerted and is expected to assess the issue and notify us of the remedy. The site is marked with little flags but please proceed with caution in this area.

Rules and Regulations:

Motorized vehicles are strictly forbidden on the path. This includes anything propelled by a motor. No mopeds, no mini bikes, no golf carts – nothing that has a motor may be operated on the path. Any use of the path by contractors with motorized equipment must be authorized by the Grounds committee chair.