June 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

  1. Call to order
  • Minutes approved from May meeting
  • President’s remarks – Tom Mulcaly (Present)
    • Comment on flyers distributed to River Walk residents regarding nextdoor.com
    • Review parameters for functions conducted in the clubhouse parking lot.
      • River Walk events can be conducted in parking lot only if not interfering with other activities and only if it is a Social or Swim event
      • Review sound ordinance requirements for events
  • Treasurer’s Report – Joe Pratt (Present)
    • Review LRP
      • Clubhouse:Paint and repair exterior: suggest to move out to 2020.
        • Weight Room Carpet: $5000, still in need of repair
        • Equipment: Move to 2019, $8000
        • Locker Room: $10,000
          • We will obtain 2 quotes (each itemized)
            • Minimal Repairs to help with functioning
            • Total redo of locker rooms with improvements
          • Front Door: Broken glass
          • Misc: LED lights- Looking to replace
            • Pending: Motion Lights with timer
            • Quote for interior LED lights, $483.00 (Approved)
          • Grounds
            • Parking Lot: 2020- $110,000
              • Looking into quotes
              • Concrete vs Asphalt, and timeline
            • Sign Repairs/replacements, quotes for 2019
            • Boardwalk: assessment and repair
            • Playground: 2021
          • Tennis:
            • Pending: Quotes for Lights, Windscreen Replacement, and Nets
            • Resurfacing scheduled: 2024
          • Pool:
            • Implaler (Pump): Lasts 2-3 years, Just replaced this season
            • Furniture Replacements: $5000
            • Water Fountain: $1000
              • New fountain with water bottle adapter
            • Pool Deck Quote: $45,000 (but quoted $50,000)
            • Sanding Cost: $6750
            • Pool Resurface: $11,000
            • Storage: $5000
            • Diving Board: $8500, but actual cost was $6300
            • Electrical: $3125
            • Hand Rail: $1750
            • Anchors: Pending
            • Pump: $3000, every 2-3 years 2022
            • Quotes for new fencing around pool, also to obtain quotes to circulate the tennis courts
          • Safety:
            • Cameras: $5000
              • Inquiring about TAG cameras to snap pictures of car tags to help to better identify possible suspects during crimes
  1. Committee Reports
  • Architecture – Bob Harley (Absent)
    • Architectural change requests have really picked up as the weather has gotten warmer.
    • There were 10 requests up to May 23.  Nine were approved and one was denied.
    • Following is a list of these requests.
116 Gilderview Drive – Willaman Adding a children’s playset to the backyard
505 River Walk Drive – Young  

Grading in back yard and adding a stone wall to improve drainage

336 Parkside Drive – Johnston  

Install a fence that would include a large amount of common area in the back yard.  (This one was denied.)

103 Maple Brook Court – Murray  

Change Trim Color on house to white

3 Broken Pine Court – Soranz Add a sitting wall and pavers around the playground in the backyard
111 Gilderview Drive – Calton  

Installation of children’s playset and landscaping changes to accommodate it

108 Riverpoint Court – Head Install a four foot picket fence in the backyard.
230 River Walk Drive – Rountree Install a two-sided fence in the backyard.
205 River Walk Blvd – Courtney Install a 6′ fence across their backyard.
12 Hidden Oak Terrace – Robinson Replace a deck and install steps instead of railings.
  • Compliance – Ryan Nelson (present)
    • No New issues
  • Clubhouse – Kristen DiBattista (Present) /Leslie Donahue (absent)
    • Locks will be reset at the end of each month.
      • 2 codes, 1 for renters and 1 for board members
  • Grounds – Bruce Johnson (Present)
    • Continued improvement with Trail head Leads on current maintenance projects
    • Trees and stumps removed along trail
    • Board Walk assessment this year
    • Obtaining quotes for concrete pouring
  • Membership – Nancy Schwartz (Present)
    • Number of Non-resident memberships sold: 74 sold
    • HOA Dues status
      • 12 families have not paid dues and letters for noncompliance with late fee of $75.00 to be sent to families
    • Events:
      • Events that are to be emailed out need to be approved neighborhood events.
      • Need to be sent via E-blast first then may place on announcement boards and social media
      • Liability waivers for aqua aerobics need to be signed and turned in
      • TGIF’s will now be handled through Social Committee- email them with your dates and locations
  • Pool – Brad Hager (Present via phone)
    • Accomplishments
      -50 new chairs
      -2 new umbrellas
      -new baby changing stations both baths
      -drinking fountain repaired for DHEC inspection
      -fixed holes on pool deckVandalism of drinking fountain
      Furniture purchase request
      Drinking fountain request
      Landscaping needs
      -pine straw over stumps
      -bushes and grasses clipped back
  • Publications – Chris Bradley (Present)
    • Quick update on website usage by residents
    • Discontinuing use of the old site event calendar (localendar.com)
    • Propose putting newsletter articles online in addition to emailing the PDF
  • Safety – Gary Harter (Present)
    • Updating codes
    • Quoting new cameras for tags
  • Social – Rebecca Peterson (present) / Ashley Saylor (present)
    • Upcoming meeting: Tuesday July 16th@ the Clubhouse
    • July 4thPool Party with various activities for the children
      • Bike / Stroller/ Golf Cart Parade
      • Corn Hole tournament
      • Watermelon eating contest
    • Pending Blood Drive
    • Pending Adults only TGIF at Clubhouse
    • TGIF at pool on August 2nd
    • Back to school Back on August 17th, pending
    • Email Social with any ideas or interest in helping with any events


  • Swim Team – Jennifer Street (Present)
    • Practice is off to a great start.  Our coaches are doing a great job.  I’m really impressed with how they are leading such a large group of swimmers.
    • The first home guppy meet is June 8th at 9am.  We will be hosting Holly Tree Country Club.
    • Our first big team home meet is June 13th vs. Roper Mountain Estates/Ashton at 5:30pm.
    • The pool will close at 2pm that day for setup.
  • Tennis – Kelly Hesketh (absent)
    • No new agenda
  1. Old business
    1. Discussed extending pool days during the fall, this will be voted on next month via email due to no meeting in July
  1. New business
    1. None at this time
  1. Close meeting: Next Meeting August 5th@7pm @ the Clubhouse

Members Present:

Butch Massa

Joseph Cariveau

Ned Cochrane

Cathy Kinninger

Frank Shields

Kavita Bali

Ken Nestico

Jerry Stevens

Michelle Hager

Lori Stuart

Jeremy Stuart

Lena Cunningham