August 2019 – Treasurers Report

The below is a brief summary of our revenue and expenses for Fiscal Year 2019.

Revenue: $201K of revenue was collected during the first three months of the fiscal year.  The primary driver was the collection of annual HOA dues ($193K) and the sale of non-resident pool memberships ($6K).

Expenses: Spring and Summer are busy seasons for our neighborhood in terms of spending.  There is significant spend incurred to get the pool ready for the season, staffed/maintained during the pool season, and the grounds in shape to keep our neighborhood beautiful.  The below pie chart shows spend by category. Flowers were planted at the neighborhood entrances, tree cutting occurred along the trail, and the cracks in the tennis courts were repaired.  The majority of spend at the pool was to our Pool Management Company, Sweetwater. In addition, the administration spend noted below was for our annual insurance premiums.

Conclusion: Revenue and expenses remain within budget at this time.