Website Updates for December 2020

The following updates are being made to the River Walk website starting Sunday, November 29th.

Multiple Logins for a Single Account

Upgrading the registration and login logic to allow multiple logins to a single account. The current login for Resident account will be the “master” login. The master login user will be able to add and approve requests for other users to join their account. All users on the account will be able to view and pay invoices, update account information, etc.

Clubhouse Rentals Online

Residents will be able to view the availability of the clubhouse via the community calendar. A resident will be able to request reservations for the clubhouse and make rental payments online.

Phase One Integration with Access Control (FOB) system

Initial updates being made to set the stage for future development. This will add the capability for integrating the River Walk website with the Kisi access control system, simplifying the management of resident facility access.