New River Walk Gym Access Control (FOB System) Overview

The River Walk Recreation Association Board voted in May to replace the access control system at the Clubhouse. The access control system restricted access to the Gym in the clubhouse. The system was outdated and began having regular issues with both the hardware used to read the Key FOBs and the software that drove the system. Vetting of a new hardware and software provider started in February and in May, Kisi was selected to be the new provider.

Kisi provides a mobile app that works on Apple and Android phones. The app is secure and easy to use. Kisi also supports Key FOBs and Access Cards. River Walk conducted a resident survey where 75% of residents supported the use of a mobile app over a Key FOB or Access Card.

The Kisi Mobile App will be the default way a resident will access the gym but a Key FOB or Access Card will be available upon request.

To use the mobile app please complete the 2 steps below.

1. Complete the gym waiver

  1. Complete the gym waiver form
  2. Wait for your email confirmation from Kisi. Please allow 1-2 days for your account to be created. The email will come from [email protected]

2. Set up your Kisi App

  1. Verify your email address by clicking the link in the email you received from [email protected]
  2. Enter your name and create a password for your Kisi account
  3. Download the mobile app from the app store on your mobile device
  4. Login to the device using your email address and password you created for your Kisi Account
  5. Allow Kisi to verify your location when using the app.
  6. Choose whether or not to receive notifications from the Kisi app.

A Little About Kisi

Kisi is an industry-leading physical security system for modern facilities. Kisi provides a simple web dashboard and easy-to-use app to save Administrators and the Resident’s time. Kisi is headquartered in New York City. All equipment is encrypted in Kisi’s security lab. No third-party software or hardware is used for credential storage or readers. Kisi guarantees end-to-end encryption so your personal data (Name and Email Address are secure). All hardware are American-made products.

Using the Kisi Mobile App

After you have finished setting up your Kisi App, you are ready to access the Gym.

  • Go to the clubhouse.
  • Open your Kisi App and tap on the River Walk Recreation Association “Place”.
  • Hold your phone close to the door reader (within 3ft) and tap the icon for the door you wish to unlock.
  • The Blue light on the door reader will turn green when the door is unlocked. You will also see an unlock confirmation on your phone.
  • The door will remain unlocked for 5 seconds.

But I only want a Key FOB

River Walk residents who prefer to have a Key FOB can purchase one for $25 per FOB. If you have one of the FOBs for the previous system, you can turn in your old FOB for a new one and you will not have to pay the fee.

Your River Walk Recreation Technology and Clubhouse Committee will be at the clubhouse on the following days for you to pick up your new Key FOB or Access Card if you do not plan on using the mobile app. Please bring your $25 per FOB if you are not turning in an old River Walk FOB.

Wednesday, July 22nd between 4pm and 6pm
Friday, July 24th between 2pm and 4pm
Wednesday, July 29th between 6pm and 7pm

Using the Key FOB or Access Cards

To use the Key FOB or Access Card, place the card or FOB against the door reader. The blue light on the reader will turn green when the door is unlocked. The door will remain unlocked for 5 seconds.