Website Logins and Other Important Updates

The River Walk Recreation Association website is an important tool the volunteer board uses to simplify some tasks required to manager our neighborhood. The scope and complexity of our website has grown over the years as the needs of the neighborhood residents and board members have grown. As some of these processes have iterated, the option to simplify some website features became available.

Starting Wednesday, April 7th, 2021, the following updates have been made to the River Walk Recreation Association Website.

Resident Logins are no longer required

Residents logins are no longer required. This change has impacted the following features

Forms – The board committee forms are now accessible without login. Each form is linked in the main navigation of the website.

Calendar – The general events (Board meetings, Swim Meets, etc.) are publicly visible on the calendar. Private events such as clubhouse rentals by residents are not displayed. More updates to the calendar will be made in the coming weeks.

Directory – A new directory will be available on the River Walk website following the payment of dues for 2021. The due’s payment process will gather updated resident information. This data is securely stored on the River Walk website. The 2021 Directory WILL NOT be available to the public. Only valid, registered email address provided by residents during the due’s payment process, or submitted later to the RWRA Membership Committee, will have access to the online directory.

Why were these changes made?

The number one complaint from residents is difficulty logging into the website. The website isn’t one a resident visits daily. Most residents visit the website just a few time each year to pay their dues, or submit one of the board committee forms. Passwords were forgotten, or old emails were on the account complicating the login and password reset processes. These changes will remove the barrier of accessing features needed by residents to communicate with the board.

Is my data secure?

The River Walk website database is secured by our web host. The host has state-of-the-art web application firewalls and other security measures in place to prevent unauthorized access. Only a few of the board members have login access to the website and those logins are limited to the areas of the site related to their committees responsibilities. Removing 700+ resident logins, some with weak passwords, will decrease the threat level of the website as well.

We hope these changes are met with excitement. We welcome your feedback on the changes and website in general.

If you have any questions regarding these changes, please contact [email protected]