Upcoming changes to the River Walk Website

Hello Neighbors!

The development of the River Walk website has been an interesting project. Over the past 18 months the needs of the Board, and our community, have become clearer. This clarity allows us to make some better decisions with what we want to allow our website to do for our community.

Several updates will be published to the website in the coming weeks. Some of these are large changes that will have an impact on you, and your use of the website. Below I am describing the changes being made and why we are making them.

Logins Restricted to One Per Household

The biggest change we are making is to limit the number of logins on the website. Each home will be allowed one login.

This change is being made to simplify the data management of our resident’s data base. The current setup allows for duplicate resident information across multiple logins which makes it difficult to get a clean list of residents.

To minimize the impact of this change on our residents, we have consolidated the information for households with multiple logins to one login. Prior to publishing this change, each household will receive an email notifying them of the username they need to use. The password for the username will remain unchanged. You can request a new password if needed.

Pool Access “Blue Cards”

Each household will submit their emergency contact and other information online. This will be part of your profile on the website. Each year we will ask that you review the information to keep it up to date.

Resident Directory

The Resident Directory has been the most talked about feature on the website. So we are making several changes to the directory. First, we will be requiring some basic information from each household to be displayed in the directory. Name, Email, and Phone Number will be listed for each resident. You can opt out of other information such as children’s names and occupations can be hidden from the directory.

Non-Resident Pool Registration

Non-Residents Pool Members will be registering online. They will also be paying the membership fees online.


These changes will simplify a lot for the board and should have minimal impact on residents. If you have any questions about these changes, or have any issue with the website, please email [email protected] and I will be happy to assist you.