Grounds Committee Report for February 2020

Sprinklers on the RW Trail

For those of you with property adjoining the River Walk trail, please check the time and coverage of your sprinklers near the path. As a courtesy to trail users, please set the time so that any spray that hits the path completes the cycle before 7:00am. Also take into account that wind can shift the coverage pattern by several feet. We certainly understand that there may be cause for exceptions, but it can present an unpleasant obstacle when there is limited opportunity to avoid the spray, especially when the ground is wet or muddy.

Pick up your poop – Everywhere 

We continue to field complaints of neighbors not removing their dog’s poop. This includes all dog poop whether in the pine straw, in the leaves, the dirt, or in the middle of the path. The RW Trail is cut through a natural area that in areas looks like a forest. That is no excuse for leaving your dog’s poop for someone else to step in. Keep your dog in view. If your dog is walking or running behind you and poops in the middle of the path, and you don’t see it, it’s still your poop.

Greenville County Leash Law

When using the RW Trail and any RW common area ALL DOGS AT ALL TIMES must be kept on and controlled by a leash. This is the law and it is the neighborly thing to do. Some people think their dog is the exception because it is trained or docile, but this is irrelevant. The law applies to ALL DOGS.

  1. Some people are afraid of dogs and your dog may not seem intimidating to you but is to someone else. Don’t put your neighbors in the awkward position of confronting you.
  2. You may feel like your lab is docile and obedient, but another person with a vicious breed may feel the same about their dog. If you’re allowed to let your lab run free they should be allowed to let theirs do the same.
  3. It’s the law and the law applies to and protects all of us – no one is exempt because they  think it’s okay.