Mailbox Repair & Replacement

Options for improving your RW mailbox.

If your mailbox needs some maintenance, or a full replacement, the following information will help you with getting your mailbox back to normal.

Mailbox Specifications

Mailbox Repair & Replacement

If your mailbox needs to be painted:

  •  The metal box is exterior gloss black.
  • The wooden structure is low luster Benjamin Moor, Pacific Sea Teal, 2049-10.  Rainbow Paint of Mauldin and Ace Hardware on Woodruff Road also know this color as River Walk Green.
  • The gold paint is called Ace Metallic Gold Plate and is available at Ace Hardware.

Mailbox repair & replacement services:

Elite Signs will replace your complete mailbox (864-801-0022).

An alternative to Elite Signs is River Walk resident, David Busbee.

In his previous neighborhood, David started making replacement mailboxes using a CNC machine (computer controlled wood router) on an exterior composite trim product called MiraTEC.   Although MiraTEC is more expensive than wood, it is a superior product that resists rot, termites, cracking, etc.  Linked below is a manufacturer data sheet explaining the advantages of the product over wood or other synthetic materials.

David has made a prototype River Walk mailbox to our HOA specifications for size and lettering height.  All the boards are MiraTEC except for the finial, which is treated wood (not available in composite.)  The finial is primed and painted, plus caulked around the base to prevent water intrusion and rotting of the cap piece.  All the boards are primed and painted inside and outside for durability, and the joints are glued and nailed with galvanized nails to prevent seam separation. Below is an example of the finished mailbox.

MiraTEC Information Document